Developing and Retaining Human Capital

Bulgaria faces the double challenges of migration of some of its most qualified citizens and insufficient training and education for the labor force that remains. Building a vibrant private sector and a just, durable democracy depends on extending quality education to all. ABF expects that each grant will introduce new educational practices, largely focused on STEEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, English, and Math).

GOAL: Adequately trained human capital supports the growth of the private sector.

We support initiatives that:

  • Support education leaders and upgrade the learning environment to teach 21st-century skills. Students need to be engaged, motivated, and equipped with the skills needed to compete and succeed in a 21st-century labor market.

  • Prepare students for jobs through STEEM education and extracurricular activities. To help bridge the gap between education and business, ABF will partner with businesses to create innovative models in STEEM education. By preparing students for jobs in high demand that offer a dignified livelihood, these partnerships will give young people the choice to remain in Bulgaria.

  • Narrow the achievement gap. ABF focuses its efforts on encouraging the economic participation of the most disadvantaged communities through early education, improved school readiness, and graduation rates leading to improved labor market participation.

  • Engage with the diaspora for investment, business expansion, and jobs. ABF has united efforts with the private sector to drive positive change in business development and strengthening civil society through diaspora outreach. We facilitate diaspora engagement and cross-border collaboration to bring experience, skills, and investments to Bulgaria.
Human Capital