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When making grants, we look for effective organizations, original thinking, and relevance of the proposal to the development of the private sector. Our grant-making process presumes collaborative planning between ABF and its grantees.

In order to review your idea, please fill in all the fields in the electronic form below and briefly present your organization, the purpose, objective, and duration of your project, as well as the total amount of your request. If your organization is not yet registered, please type “Unregistered NGO” in the field “Organization Name.” Please do not include personal data that is not explicitly required in the form as it will not be processed.

Applications are considered throughout the year.

If our review of the initial inquiry is favorable, the relevant program director will contact you to discuss your submission in greater detail and help shape a full proposal. Applicants should expect to receive an indication within one month if a proposal will be further considered. 

The grant application process—which may include research, meetings, site visits, grant negotiations, legal review, and presentation of the grant for approval—is generally completed within a few months.

Please note, all inquiries for grants concerning work with economically disadvantaged groups should be directed to the Trust for Social Achievement at:

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