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What CEOs need to know about Corruption

How to Limit Opportunities for Internal and External Malfeasance.

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The Tone at The Top

What CEOs Need to Know About Corruption Prevention and Detection By John L. Verna, Executive Director of the Center for Strategic Business Integrity.

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Elements of Winning CSR Strategy

ABF Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility for winning strategy.

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U.S. Investments in Bulgaria (1990-2016)

American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

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Giving Practices in Bulgaria 2017

Bulgarian Donors Forum

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Access to Information Report 2017

Access to Information Program

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Good Is More Contagious Than the Virus

Covid-19 brought on many challenges for Bulgaria, but it is also unleashing innumerable acts of kindness.

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The Future of The Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis | Ep. 2

Plovdiv is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe, where past and future inevitably go hand in hand. People who lived and are still living in the city of the seven hills are the creative element that has shaped its appearance over the centuries.

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The Past of The Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis | Ep. 1

Some stories stand the test of time, only to be told again and again. Oftentimes, we need to collect various pieces in order to bring them together in one common story, to become one.

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Bishop's Basilica: Levski Wall of Tolerance

June 11 was a very special day for the Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis. Since its creation, it has the power to unite likeminded people.

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Center for Integrated Plant Protection

Modern agriculture depends on information. The Center for Integrated Plant Protection at Plovdiv Agricultural University collects and analyzes disease and climate data and helps farmers across Bulgaria use it correctly.

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BASE Program Success Stories: Magdalena Racheva

The story of Magdadena Racheva and her Memories factory.

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BASE Program Success Stories: Maria Raduncheva

Maria Raduncheva wanted to change the way English was taught in Bulgaria.

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BASE Program Success Stories: Maria Tzacheva

Maria Tzacheva - Provance bakery owner.

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Nancy L. Schiller, President, America for Bulgaria Foundation

President, America for Bulgaria Foundation "Celebrating Bulgarian Superheros"

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Catherine Cooper, Global Giving UK

Training and Engagement Coordinator in Global Giving. Different ways for fundraising.

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Philip Dandulov, Muzeiko

Find out how Philip Dandulov makes science interesting and accessible to all, and watch him create a human electrical chain at the third annual meeting of the community of the America for Bulgaria Foundation on January 30, 2019.

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Ivan Dimov, Single Step Foundation

Ivan Dimov, Single Step Foundation, at the third annual meeting of the community of the America for Bulgaria Foundation on January 30, 2019.

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H. E. Eric Rubin, U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria

Talk by Eric S. Rubin, US Ambassador to Bulgaria, at the Third Annual Meeting of the ABF Community, January 30, 2019

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Vasil Levski Primary & Middle School

Vasil Levski Primary & Middle School redeveloped some of its facilities and built a brand-new multipurpose educational center with help from the America for Bulgaria Foundation’s Schools of the Future program. Maxi, Coco, and Ms. Parvanova talked about what makes their school special at the third meeting of the ABF community on January 30, 2019.

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Grigor Dimitrov, Bulgarian tennis player

Grigor Dimitrov Is Not Just A World Class Tennis Player… He’s Our Hero!

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The Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis

Bulgaria Presents: The Bishop's Basilica and the Roman Mosaic Heritage of Philippopolis

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Eleanor Harrison, Global Giving UK

The Future of Philanthropy: Transparency, Technology, Impact Eleanor Harrison, CEO, Global Giving UK

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The Power of the community

ABF All Grantee Forum 2017: The Power of Community

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The Start of Our Community

America For Bulgaria - The Start of Our Community. See the highlight of our first community forum in January 2017.

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Nancy L. Schiller, President, America for Bulgaria Foundation

The Power Of Community: Sustainability ABF Second Grantee Forum, January 23, 2018 Nancy L. Schiller, President And CEO, America For Bulgaria Foundation

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John Tillman, Illionois Policy Institutes

Do communities have the power to bring change? John TIllman, CEO, Illionois Policy Institutes is looking for answers to this and other important questions.

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H. E. Eric Rubin, U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria

The Power Is In You: Ambassador Rubin’s Welcome Address at the second meeting of the ABF community, January, 2018.

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Nathan Waterhouse, Umbel Ltd., UK

Designing Sustainability Through Collaboration Nathan Waterhouse, Innovation Consultant and Keynote Speaker, Umbel Ltd., UK

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Joe Borgatti Scholars

Joseph J. Borgatti has made countless contributions to the success of the America For Bulgaria Foundation and the Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund. The America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) has created the Borgatti Scholarship Fund for Bulgarian students at AUBG who show exceptional academic achievement. The Fund is established in the name of Joseph Borgatti – Director Emeritus of the Foundation and Chair of the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund. Mr. Borgatti has dedicated nearly 20 years to Bulgaria and has contributed immensely to the growth of its market economy through his work for the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund, the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank and the America for Bulgaria Foundation. As Director at ABF, he has worked actively for the success of its programs and for the advancement of philanthropy in the country.

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America for Bulgaria: Who We Are

25 years of history in 2 minutes and 29 seconds...

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Tessera by Tessera. Hand in Hand.

The audio series is part of the communication campaign about the Bishop's Basilica and are created thanks to America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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